We are an exclusive real estate consulting company

We offer our clients the style of properties they need under the conditions they are looking for. Whether it is for their own enjoyment or as an investment, we are specialists in selecting products to suit our clients’ needs.

We put ourselves in your position

We understand lifestyle, what makes a right choice, and even more important, what makes a wrong choice. In a word: we make sure our proposals will meet your personal requirements.

Clients turn into friends

Our clients trust us implicitly, our success is evident in the long-term relationships, often turning into friendships, that have arisen out of our striving to provide the service we believe in. Our business goes beyond fast volume sales, our philosophy is centred on the success of your investment, on full knowledge before, during and after the deal goes through, when you come to Mallorca for your holiday after a longer absence, or in any other situation in which you can rely on us to make sure all you need is provided.

Our personal service

Clients wishing to acquire a property for their own use

“Are you really interested in this house? Stop and think… you have school-age kids who will have to go to a new school now that you live in Mallorca. This property is a fair distance from any school. You will want to enjoy being at home together with your family the máximum of time every day… frankly, I think living there would be a drawback.”

This is one of many cases in which we know that it is vital to understand our clients’ lifestyle. In this case the clients agreed with us that this property was not suitable for them and chose a different location.

As it often happens, there are many factors that make up a good place to buy or rent, above and beyond how attractive the property is in terms of architecture. Lifestyle is the deciding factor: your tastes, your work, your family. We ourselves enjoy the Balearic Islands to the full and understand the “ins” and “outs” of every part of the islands, what they have to offer, whether or not they meet this or that requirement.

Holiday homes

If like many of our clients you are not an island resident, you can let us look after everything to do with your property. When you come back, you will find it in pristine condition: the garden, the pool, interior temperature and other needs. And we’ll take care of any problem that may arise during your stay. We have fully trustworthy service personnel to meet any eventuality, which we will personally see resolved and checked, so that you will hardly notice there was a problem at all.

Our clients have also trusted in us to provide services outside the scope of our normal business, such as boat rental, a restaurant combining privacy and ultimate quality, organising events, household staff, tee-off times at golf courses, finding something out of the ordinary you need to buy, or general information on the Balearic Islands. We are at your service for all this and beyond that! Balearhouse tries to make your decisions easier and enable you to enjoy your time on Mallorca.

Clients who wish to make an investment

We are specialists in up-market properties in the Balearic Islands and have frequently clients looking for a property to invest in. As we are in very close contact with the islands’ top developers and we know perfectly which type of property is interesting for investors, we will advise you concerning the profitability, the advantages and disadvantages of any transaction.